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Cleaning is an action that atleast  If not all of us have engaged in or do engage in on a daily basis If you like cleaning things and places  this is a profession that you should venture in and earn money.

What is a cleaning and organizing company?

This is a company that cleans and organizes homes and offices for its clients at a fee.

  1. Car cleaning.

Currently car cleaning is a booming business as the number of people buying cars is rising daily, all you need is to identity a location that has constant supply of water.

Capital depending on the type of car cleaning machine you choose or can afford prices ranges from a simple machine that costs ksh 15000 to automatic tunnel car wash machine that costs between ksh4,216,991 and ksh5,000,000.In addition you’ll need to purchase the basic requirements too

Charges – For general cleaning you’ll charge between ks150 and ksh300 and deep cleaning and interior scrubbing cost between ksh 2000 and ksh 5000 .If you clean 10 cars in a day with the minimum charge ksh150 that’s a total of ksh1500 per day which is a great amount for paying your bills.

  1. Carpet and sofa set cleaning.

Capital industrial 20L wet and dry vacuum goes for ksh 18000,youll need to buy basic items like Air movers for drying carpeted surfaces, rotary machines but you can just start small with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning detergents ,then add items as the business expands.

Charges– An average minimum cost for cleaning a 5seater sofa set is ksh 3000, and a carpet ksh500 depending on its size.

  1. Swimming pool cleaning.

Capital -this type of cleaning specialty does not require heavy expensive machines, you’ll need a leaf skimmer or skimmer net, pool brushes, telescope poles, test kit and cleaning agents.

  1. Backyard or compound cleaning.

Capital-you’ll need few coins to purchase a slasher or lawn mower, rake and a jembe.

  1. Utensil cleaning

This area is untapped but it can be a good source of income all you need is just your time, cleaning agents and hands.

  1. Laundry, ironing and dry cleaning.

Capital– a simple good water washing and drying machine costs ksh 55,000,depending on your capital you can start small r purchase the sophisticated one,youll also need an iron box

  1. Residential/house cleaning

Residential cleaning includes dusting mopping floors, vacuuming, washing surfaces, polishing mirrors the biggest advantage of residential cleaning is that it needs very minimal capital you can start by purchasing only the basic equipment like buckets, mops, rags, solvents, toilet brush and ladder.

  1. Commercial cleaning.

Commercial cleaning involves cleaning offices, buildings apartments, premises, swimming pools, schools, hospitals.

CapitalCompany name search, reservation and registration fee, this can be easily done through ecitizen website, insurance fee I you will hire employees, cleaning machines fee.

  1. Waste disposal.

Waste disposal is a major concern for people residing in cities, if you have the manpower trained in waste disposal this is a field that you would embrace.

  1. School janitorial business.

Kenya has so many schools that would not turn you down if you offer to keep their school clean always at an affordable fee.


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